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Everything that can be done in the portal user interface can be done via the API. Integration guides are available online in the portal.

With this approach Service Providers and Network Providers can choose to integrate with their own IoT systems already in use or use the functionality directly in the LoRaWAN Portal.

The flexible LoRaWAN Portal supports several integrating methods part from the API. There is support for using MQTT to subscribe to sensor data or to publish downlink messages. There is also support to use major IoT services such as the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and AWS IoT Core

API – Netmore Connectivity Platform

The Netmore Connectivity Platform (NCP) offers several dynamic integration possibilities for customers and partners. Either connect to our standard APIs to interact with the wide range of services that Netmore offers or use the NCP to setup a tailormade integration adapted for your own systems and information models.

The standard APIs allows customers and partners to work with the Netmore M2M services in getting information and manage subscriptions.

With the possibility to setup a tailormade connection using the NCP integration services we adapt to the needs and requirements of your systems and use powerful patterns such as double-data transformation to allow the customer information model to be kept intact and handles the adaptions in NCP. This greatly enhances the integration capability and keeps costs and complexity to a minimum.

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