Netmore Private & Open 5G Networks

Carrier grade 5G equipment for private and open access networks.
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Open Access 5G Networks

Open Access 5G Networks are useful when there is a need to provide reliable coverage, connectivity, and mobility for IoT use cases. The networks deliver the capacity to support both high and low-data requirements. With the introduction of the 5G networks the latency will drop to few milliseconds and open up for even wider use cases.


Industrial IoT often requires stable coverage and connectivity. Possibility to use standard mobile equipment in a safe and controlled environment makes the solution ideal for industrial sites. Communication services such as push-to-talk can be leveraged to all employees with additional functionalities for health and safety and work orders.

Property companies

For property owners Open Access 5G networks provide new opportunities to manage and automate building systems and allow mobile operators and other service providers to offer services for its tenants in all areas of the building. Open Access 5G network allow property owners to benefit from indoor infrastructure.

Public areas / cities

Local city governments play a leading role in implementing new digital tools to support tourism and implementing smart city solutions. Open Access 5G Networks serve both on improving mobile coverage in the areas where there is a need for secure and reliable communications including using mobile video, AR/VR functionalities.

The Solution

Netmore Open Access 5G mobile network solution offer features over public networks, such as a dedicated network that has a robust traffic and device management model, giving users full control and privacy of their data. At the same time the solution is open for national operators to offer services for their subscribers. Recent developments and improvements in 5G technology have enabled multiple applications and benefits for private networks, including local traffic break-out, mission-critical push to talk and possibility to connect with public networks.

A Open Access 5G network is built on mobile core network infrastructure connected with on-site fibre backhaul. This architecture enables local network deployment, end-to-end service control, and a high degree of cyber security.

Ofcom, the national regulator in UK, has permitted the allocation of 4G and 5G frequencies for the local use of private mobile networks. This provides companies outside the traditional mobile industry with a potentially attractive alternative to access benefits through private mobile network solutions and allow national mobile operators to offer services on the same infrastructure. The aforementioned frequency spectrum can be assigned to regional private network operators and companies by the Ofcom within the framework of an application procedure in order to set up self-provided local 4G and in the near future 5G networks.

We can help you to assess if an Open Access 5G network is relevant for your business and the best ways for you to access all the benefits

The selection and implementation of a private mobile network solution, adapted to the specific needs, use case and environment of your company is complex and depends on a variety of legal, technical, economic and strategic issues.

With the support of our experts and our technical partners, we can help you determine your connectivity needs, support needs and to verify the economic selection process, all to find you a fitting private network solution, as well as support the technical decision making and implementation.

Our integrated, end-to-end approach to your private mobile network project will allow you to define, select, implement and monitor the best solution for your business.

Our approach to support implementing private mobile network

  1. Assessment of Open Access 5G network potential for your business
    1. current and future needs in mobile data communications
    2. potential value add for using 4G/5G solutions
    3. relevant business solutions / opportunities in relation to mobile network deployment
    4. basic technical and regulatory framework
  2. Determine Open Access 5G network feasibility, requirements and benefits
    1. determine the feasibility of implementing the Open Access 5G mobile network solution
    2. understanding of technical and operational questions related on deployment of the network
    3. choice of first use cases, partners and business case
    4. optimal and future proof network solution
  3. Design and implementation of private mobile network
    1. network design including radio propagation indoor and outdoor
    2. choice of solution architecture
    3. spectrum allocation
    4. network implementation

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