Netmore products and solutions in action

Case introduction

Handling approximately 70.000 ton of waste disposal annually, municipalities in the province Bohuslän, wanted to facilitate their waste management. Cooperatively they started the multi-municipal owned company Rambo 1981. Rambo offers waste equipment and manages multiple Recycle stations in the province to process toxic substances. The variety of single and complete solutions enables waste minimization along the west coast, north of Gothenburg, Sweden.


The environment

One of the recycle stations in Bohuslän was congested with inhabitants. To facilitate their workflow, and due to the pandemic Covid-19, Rambo wanted to ensure a safe working environment for their staff and visitors by decreasing the number of vehicles in the station.

The solution

Rambo found a more sustainable solution to solve the congestion in the station and developed a strategy to integrate a durable system together with an agnostic system integrator, IIoote. IIoote integrated a traffic light for the recycle station and configured IR sensors, all connected to our LoRaWAN network. The sensors send signals to the traffic light counting how many vehicles that can enter and leave the station.


Joakim O Jansson, Business Area Manager at Rambo AB

Before the solution was implemented, Rambo needed guards and personnel resources at place. The solution has enabled a greater workflow and a more cost-efficient solution for us.


The result

The LoRaWAN network allows all data to be securely transmitted and retrieved in an own developed Platform from IIoote. Through the software, Rambo can online monitor the number of visitors in the station without the equivalent manual surveillance, enabling the staff to both monitor and regulate cars before entry. The complete integration creates a safer working environment and avoids congestion.