Summer greeting from us at Netmore Group

Summer has made its entrance throughout the country and holidays are on its entry. It has been another busy period for us at Netmore. I want to start by writing a little about our event that we organize, Smart Society. The event will be moved to 2021, April 15-16, due to Covid-19, more information coming later this fall. But the development and digitalisation does not stop because of the pandemic, now more than ever we are reviewing our digital way of working, hence this autumn we will organize a digital event where the focus will be on the real estate industry.

Autumn’s most important venue for the creation of digital smart properties and the smart society

Smart Property is this autumn´s most important venue for players active in the development of the real estate industry. For two days we will be enlightened of all opportunities within Internet of Things and the creation of smart properties. The web event is more than a regular webinar, it is interactive. There will be a large stage, parallel breakout sessions, exhibitors with their own booths, opportunities to chat and to have private meetings. The purpose of the event is to bring together property owners, service providers, municipalities, operators, and others to use the ecosystem and promote the development of our society. Let us move from egosystem to ecosystem and from competition to collaboration!

In this event we cooperate with Proptech Sweden.
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Events are fun and rewarding for our joint business within our ecosystem and some of our projects have just set their breeding ground during events that we previously organized. For our business areas, everyone has had good growth despite the circumstances in society, perhaps it has taken a little longer than usual but still positive. We have announced several municipalities that have joined us and want to work together to develop IoT networks in cities, including: Värnamo, Falkenberg and Uddevalla. There is a plethora of tests, projects, and innovations in the IoT networks and the results look promising, we have just seen the beginning of the power of IoT in our society.

Interest from the real estate industry has been extremely large, so great that our majority owners now are from the industry. Vincero, Stronghold and Neptunia, owners of Netmore, formed Buildroid which will act as a kind of catalyst for the entire real estate industry. Netmore is part of this, in the form of a network operator. We look forward with excitement to the opportunities that are now being opened.

There is a strong focus on security and data in the IoT market. This is something that we at Netmore never will sacrifice. We see security as one of the most important cornerstones in digitalisation, this is an ongoing work and development to offer our customers safe, stable, and secure solutions. But at the same time make it less complicated and instead easy and user-friendly. Our belief is that the network should adapt to customer needs and not vice versa. It should just work!

I, Erik Hallberg, have been CEO for Netmore Group for about 1 year. We have done focus work, restructured the organization, raised capital to be able to grow the company at the pace we see the market demand through three share issues were of one targeted. It has sometimes been tough and demanded a lot from us internally, but it is a pleasure to work with colleagues who are willing to do the little extra for us all to achieve our goals. We have created a stronger balance sheet at the same time as the company has received greater interest from investors, from about 200 shareholders a year ago to around 1500 today. As previously announced, the company has also attracted strategic investors such as Vincero AB, Stronghold Invest AB and Neptuni Invest AB via the now jointly owned company Buildroid AB. During this year, we have made important strategic investments in our development portfolio and with that we have been able to add important customers such as Akelius, other real estate companies, industrial customers, established us with JV in three countries and got private network business in addition to Sweden in Ireland and one of the first private The 5G deals in England to the Sherwood Forest.

The staff at Netmore are all incredibly efficient, flexible, loyal, and fantastic. Competence combined with focus, determination and dedication have made all this possible. With fantastic human capital together with a board of directors and an ownership group that provides a mandate, this acceleration has been possible for a short time.

With that said, I would like to refer to the press release that was sent out a few weeks ago where we told that I now hand over to Ove Anebygd who will start as new CEO of Netmore Group on September 1, 2020. I welcome Ove and know that he will continue to pursue the same goal and desire to accelerate Netmore to the diamond it is.

But first, we will sum up Q2 2020 financially during the summer. A quarter that we handled with great focus on continuing acceleration despite the situation around us.

Really nice summer to you all, employees, customers, partners, owners, and friends!

Erik Hallberg