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5G and new spectrum regulation changes the rules of the mobile business making it both practical and economic for enterprises and communities to benefit from their own mobile infrastructure.  We deliver and operate private highly secure, environmentally sensitive, 5G mobile networks along with the necessary edge computing capacity.

Benefit from the Netmore advantage.

LoRaWAN reference cases

Södertälje Municipality

Södertälje use the radio technology to facilitate the communication between smart sensors in connected devices, which enables the municipality to map waste and material flows.

VA Syd

Netmore will provide connectivity for 65 000 water meters on behalf of Dahl Sweden. The smart meters will be installed over the next few years across a number of Swedish municipalities.

KKB Real Estate

KKB is tracking the vital parameters for indoor temperatures in their properties with cost-efficient smart sensors. The complete solution requires less manual surveillance for their estates.

Rambo AB

Rambo has facilitated the workflow for one of their recycle stations with connected sensors. The solution enables them to real-time monitor space availability and regulate vehicles to avoid congestion.

5G reference cases

5G for Confirm Smart Manufacturing

Netmore’s technology will be used to explore the conditions for wireless factories and high density wireless sensors. The 5G network and connected sensors will generate greater control, tracking and monitoring.

5G for Sherwood Forest

Visitors to the UK’s Sherwood Forest Country Park will be able to get a 3D experience of the forest at the world-renowned tourist destination.

Other reference cases

Cosinuss GmbH

Cosinuss real-time monitor patients with vital sign sensors. The technology can improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients in the healthcare system.


Netmore and Akelius in joint project to reduce energy consumption by 10%.

Käppala Association

The association has installed a Fiber DAS-system, which has boosted the connectivity for their underground waste water operation, for both mobile- and Wi-Fi signal.


AstaZero selected Netmores offer with private mobile 4G/LTE solution with Ericsson carrier grade radio network as the best technology to meet its needs. The solution was deployed in close partnership with Netmore, Druid and Ericsson.