Netmore & AstaZero

Enabling Road Safety Research

Case introduction

AstaZero is the world’s first full-scale test environment for future road safety. What is unique about the facility is that the different traffic environments make it possible to test advanced safety systems and their functions for all kinds of traffic and traffic situations. This enables research, development and certification of future road safety systems, and functions as an international arena open for vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, legislators, universities and colleges from throughout the world.

The environment

AstaZero provide a range of advanced test environments, scenarios and functions associated with automotive transport. AstaZero’s test environments comprise a 5.7 kilometre rural road lane, a City Area with four districts of buildings and streets, a Multilane Road for multi-lane traffic and a High Speed Area for high speed tests.


Test site

Their test site has two control towers as well as several control rooms adjacent to the different environments. The test site includes technical equipment like remote control gates, traffic lights, targets, balloon cars and driving robots. All of these facilities, functions & applications are remotely connected via the control towers to the control rooms.

The challenge

The challenge was; covering such a large site combined with the speed at which the vehicles travel and the extreme low latency data service required. This ruled out the use of conventional WiFi. Because of the critical nature of “Driver-less car” applications, the network performance requirements specified latency of <30ms.

The solution

After an extensive evaluation phase, AataZero selected Netmores offer with Druid’s private cellular 4G/LTE solution with Ericsson carrier grade raadio network as the best technology to meet its needs. The solution was deployed in close partnership with Netmore and Druid.

The key attributes of Druid’s solution that appealed to AstaZero were:

  • Dedicated secure coverage
  • 200 connected devices
  • Ericsson Outdoor sites
  • Guaranteed latency (<30ms)
  • Ease of management and expansion