Track and Trace your Assets with LoRaWAN

Connect your devices to a purpose-built pan-european IoT-network that facilitates data-driven asset management, optimizing efficiency across European operations.
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Enabling Seamless European Logistics

In an industry where margins are pivotal, the cost-efficiency of LoRaWAN technology is particularly transformative for logistics.

Offering long-range communication with minimal power consumption, LoRaWAN not only enhances real-time tracking and visibility but does so with a compellingly lower total cost of ownership. Thus, in melding operational sophistication with economic prudence, LoRaWAN is setting a new standard for the logistics sector.

With Netmore’s expanding pan-European LoRaWAN Network, businesses are now empowered with uninterrupted, cross-border tracking capabilities, ushering in a new era of seamless logistics management across the continent.

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    Asset Tracking

    Companies use LoRaWAN to monitor the location and status of valuable assets, especially in expansive environments like warehouses or construction sites. This ensures the security of assets and helps in optimizing asset utilization.
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    Livestock Monitoring

    Farmers utilize LoRaWAN-based trackers attached to livestock to monitor their location, health, and behavior in real-time. This aids in ensuring the well-being of the animals and quickly identifying any that may have wandered off or are behaving unusually.
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    Supply Chain and Cold Chain Monitoring

    LoRaWAN sensors can monitor temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors of goods, especially perishable items, during transit. This ensures the integrity of the products, reduces wastage, and maintains regulatory compliance.
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    Vehicle Fleet Management

    Businesses use LoRaWAN-based systems to track the real-time location and status of their vehicle fleets, optimizing routes and ensuring timely maintenance. Such tracking not only increases efficiency but also aids in security and theft prevention.
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    Smart City Infrastructure Monitoring

    Municipalities deploy LoRaWAN sensors to track the status and health of public infrastructure elements, such as street lights, waste bins, or public transport. This aids in timely maintenance, efficient resource allocation, and improved public services.
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    Personnel and Worker Safety

    In high-risk environments like mines, construction sites, or large factories, LoRaWAN devices can be worn by workers to ensure their safety by tracking their location and vitals. Immediate alerts can be sent if a worker is in distress or enters a restricted zone.

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Cost-efficient Tracking with LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN presents a sophisticated, cost-effective approach to asset tracking, leveraging its long-range capabilities and efficient power usage. As businesses evaluate its impact, four key metrics underscore the tangible improvements brought about by LoRaWAN-based tracking solutions.


With a potential 20% increase in operational uptime, LoRaWAN provides real-time asset location and status, minimizing disruptions and ensuring more consistent operations.


Through LoRaWAN’s granular tracking, businesses can achieve up to 25% better asset deployment, maximizing the utility of each asset or equipment.


By enabling continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance, LoRaWAN can lead to up to a 15% reduction in equipment breakdowns and associated repair costs.


Thanks to real-time tracking, businesses can realize up to a 30% increase in stock level accuracy, reducing incidents of overstocking or asset misplacement.