Netmore LoRaWAN Platform-as-a-Service

Deploy and operate your LoRaWAN Network with our cost-efficient and fully scalable LoRaWAN Platform-as-a-Service
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Why should you consider our platform?

Platform for professional operation

All in one LPWAN platform for your every need. Advantage from our advanced features including network diagnostics, device management, network planning, billing & customer management. Designed by a professional LPWAN operator to support millions of devices and demanding SLA requirements.


Our platform prioritizes robust measures to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your critical information. Housed within a high-availability ISO27001 certified data center, our network server, platform, and APIs are fortified to provide a shield of protection around your data. Sensor data is securely collected and exported through REST API, MQTT and SocketIO for easy integration to any 3rd party system.

Scalability & future proof

Our platform is engineered to scale effortlessly as your business expands. Whether you’re connecting hundreds or millions of devices, our scalable architecture adapts to your needs, offering a flexible and cost-effective solution. Our platform evolves alongside technological advancements, ensuring your business is always equipped with the latest features and capabilities.

Migration expertise

Benefit from our migration expertise as well as in-depth knowledge of vertical domains, ensuring a smooth integration process and tailored solutions for your specific industry needs. We are offering tailor-made migration solutions for your unique requirements. With our team’s wealth of knowledge, your integration process becomes swift and easy.

Become a part of a strong IoT-ecosystem

By selecting our platform, you integrate into a robust IoT ecosystem that encompasses device manufacturers, solution & application providers that are already pre-integrated with our Network. We also offer a decoding service for a wide range of sensors and meters.

Customers across Europe are switching to Netmore LoRaWAN network server & Platform

As a professional LoRaWAN operator, we bring a depth of firsthand experience to the table, utilizing our in-house developed platform in our daily operations. Designed for massive IoT and for managing millions of devices. With a clear commitment to reliability, scalability, and security, our network server, platform, and API’s run in high availability and certified data center, with 99.9% SLA / uptime.

The Netmore LoRaWAN platform is designed by an operator, for other operators. Enabling them to deploy large scale LoRaWAN networks together with solution providers seeking seamless integration, and industrial customers deploying LoRaWAN for targeted use-cases. Our technology is tailored to simplify your deployments and management of devices.


Netmore’s Platform Advantage

Learn how operators benefit from selecting Netmore LoRaWAN Platform-as-a-Service

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    The platform prioritizes robust security measures and ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of critical information. Run in high availability ISO27001 certified data center.
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    Shorter time to market

    Our platform facilitates a swift market entry and offers flexibility, ensuring you can effectively address your customers’ requirements.
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    Affordable and scalable pricing

    Our pricing model offers a cost-effective and predictable structure for operating your LoRaWAN network.
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    Migration expertise and vertical domain knowledge

    We offer migration expertise as well as in-depth knowledge of vertical domains, ensuring a smooth integration process and tailored solutions for your specific industry needs.
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    Future-proof technology

    We provide cutting-edge technology, supported by financial infrastructure investors from, ensuring that stakeholders in our ecosystem can strategize and execute projects with a horizon of at least a decade.
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    Become a part of a strong IoT-ecosystem

    By selecting Netmore LoRaWAN platform, you integrate into a robust IoT ecosystem that encompasses device manufacturers, solution and application providers.

Netmore LoRaWAN platform
trusted by

  • eidsiva

    Eidsiva, Norway

    Eidsiva aligns with Netmore to further its commitment to IoT growth, capitalizing on the capabilities of LoRaWAN technology. This partnership facilitates a rapid digital transformation for Eidsiva’s clientele and amplifies their sustainability measures.
  • sens-sns

    SENS, Austria

    SENS partners with Netmore to harness their LoRaWAN expertise, aiming to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions for both current and future clients. Their offerings encompass areas such as smart energy, smart industry, and smart healthcare, targeting the needs of the European market.
  • cities-municipalities

    Cities and Municipalities

    Over 200 cities and municipalities across Europe have adopted our platform, taking ownership of their individual networks. This extensive adoption facilitates the deployment of hundreds of solutions that improve the standard of living and contribute to sustainability.

Plans, features & pricing

Netmore TRY From €0 / month Try now Netmore GO From €180 / year Explore Netmore NaaS Price per device and month Explore Netmore PaaS Price per device and month Explore
European Macro Network Acccess
Rental Gateway (if needed)
Purpose-built Project Cverage
Private Network
Device and Gateway Management Functionality
Batch Sensor Deployment
Radio Planning Tool & Network Diagnostics
Easy Device Onboarding
Revenue Management & Reporting
Data Decoding and Visualization
End-to-End Encryption
Geo Redundancy
Data Retention & Storage
Service Level Agreements (SLA)
NOC & 24/7 monitoring
Support & User Training