Netmore LoRaWAN Network-as-a-Service

Connect and scale with the fastest growing professional LoRaWAN across the globe. We provide network coverage for your project.
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Professional LoRaWAN built for large scale IoT-projects

Netmore’s LoRaWAN Network-as-a-Service offering is designed to seamlessly cater to the demands of Utilities, IoT Application Providers, and Device Manufacturers.

Our global network, which is continually expanding, guarantees extensive reach and ensures that our partners are connected wherever their business takes them.

Our distinct coverage guarantee means we’re fully invested in your success: we align infrastructure rollouts with your project timelines, eliminating needless waiting periods and optimizing deployment. Couple this with cost-efficiency, top-tier security, and a forward-looking approach to technology, and it becomes clear why choosing Netmore is an investment in a future-proof digital journey.


Netmore LoRaWAN Benefits

Learn how customers benefit from selecting Netmore LoRaWAN Network-as-a-Service

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    Fastest go-to-market for your application

    Fast-track your IoT applications to market success with our expanding global LoRaWAN network, designed for ambitious IoT-projects. Sidestep the challenges of network infrastructure development and gain a competitive edge.
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    Flexible project deployment

    Ensure seamless project deployment with our expansive global LoRaWAN network, underscored by our Coverage Guarantee—a service tailored for large-scale IoT projects.
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    Cost control

    Secure financial predictability with our transparent, cost-effective, and predictable pricing model, ensuring steadfast cost control for your IoT projects.
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    Secure data

    Ensure data security through our robust network infrastructure and end-to-end encryption, safeguarding your valuable information.
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    Real-time data access and interoperability

    Unlock real-time data access and seamless interoperability through our bi-directional API, empowering you with immediate insights and the ability to seamlessly integrate with other systems.
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    Peace of mind

    Customer assurance is guaranteed with our services, covering SLA adherence, dedicated support, guided onboarding, network diagnostics, and network analytics.

Trusted by

  • yorkshire-water
    Netmore Group is partnering with Yorkshire Water to introduce smart water meters using LoRaWAN connectivity in the Yorkshire region, targeting up to 360 K households. The collaboration aims to provide better water management solutions, highlighting both organizations’ dedication to sustainable and efficient water resource management.
  • ds_energy
    Danish energy management firm, DS Energy, specializing in optimizing and streamlining industry segments through IoT solutions for energy efficiency, has selected Netmore as its LoRaWAN operator.
  • taggr
    Netmore, alongside Taggr and TRAKK, provides connectivity for Ramirent’s equipment tracking solution, enabling real-time monitoring and advanced analytics.

Plans, features & pricing

Netmore TRY From €0 / month Try now Netmore GO From €180 / year Explore Netmore NaaS Price per device and month Explore Netmore PaaS Price per device and month Explore
European Macro Network Acccess
Rental Gateway (if needed)
Purpose-built Project Cverage
Private Network
Device and Gateway Management Functionality
Batch Sensor Deployment
Radio Planning Tool & Network Diagnostics
Easy Device Onboarding
Revenue Management & Reporting
Data Decoding and Visualization
End-to-End Encryption
Geo Redundancy
Data Retention & Storage
Service Level Agreements (SLA)
NOC & 24/7 monitoring
Support & User Training