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The property brain that connects a building to Netmore Property Network
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Netmore Proptech & Connectivity Node: Product and service overview

Digitalisation projects in the properties require a robust onsite connectivity solution that can be deployed and expanded to any location in the world. The Netmore Node combines local connectivity with robust steel enclosure system and 4G fall back internet that can be deployed in public areas of the building. The highly scalable architecture allows you to build and expand your connected places with a faster return of investment. Netmore Node enables services such as WiFi, LoRaWAN, Open Access Broadband and Open Access 5G with high performance and exceptional reliability.

Using wide range of local installation partners Netmore can deliver the Node to any location in the world from Montreal to Oslo.

What is a Proptech Node

  • Proptech Node itself is a combination of hardware and software installed in a building. It provides online connectivity for systems, devices and applications available in a building. For more information, see FAQ below.

  • Remote Access Services (R-A-S/RAS) is available in software (installed on notebooks) or hardware form and is used to establish e secure connection to Proptech Nodes and any systems, devices or applications connected to a building system. Typical users are IT- or facility management staff and system/device/application providers.

  • Local Private Network (LPN) is a unique and secure virtual network that separate systems, devices and applications from each other in a building. The administrator of a Proptech Node can configure and assign LPN to any vendor needing it.

  • Unified Management System (UMS) is accessed via web pages or API:s and provides facility managers or IT staff control over function available in the Proptech Node itself and its sub-components.

Main Differentiators

Purpose built system enables end-to-end security and ease of installation. The Node can be upgraded from a 12 to 48 port system. The Node is designed to match performance and connectivity needs of modern factories or buildings and always includes 4G mobile fall-back in case the main internet connection is cut.

Innovative double-sided cabinet allows you to confidently install the cabinet to public indoor areas and give access without worrying about the physical security of the system. Innovative remote electronic lock system allows you to open or give access rights from wherever in the world and from any mobile device.

Remote monitoring and management allow instant access and monitoring from any computer or mobile device. Netmore 24/7 network operating centre monitors and troubleshoots the issues.

Primary Features

Netmore Node provides up to 10 Gbps of real throughput for 40 connected systems or broadband connections (can be extended). Using carefully selected technologies, Netmore deployments achieve industry leading reliability and data rates.

Utilizing multiple Virtual Local Private Network technology is an ideal fit for customers that require capacity and reliability for superior Quality of Service in remote sites. This integrated approach features an efficient way to solve the complexity of connecting multiple systems to different virtual networks.

Netmore Unified Management System can be used to monitor and configure any system or device on site. In larger instalments auto-detection of the devices deployed for faster roll-out.

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