Netmore LoRaWAN Coverage

We provide on-demand coverage for IoT projects and applications, while concurrently expanding our professional pan-European LoRaWAN network.
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European Coverage Guarantee

As a dedicated pan-European LoRaWAN operator, our purpose-built network is designed to serve the specific needs of utilities, energy monitoring, and large-scale tracking applications. With a focus on reliability and performance, our network infrastructure provides a solid foundation for seamless IoT connectivity.

We offer a network coverage solution for extensive projects involving millions of devices. This simplifies connectivity complexities and supports enterprises in scaling their IoT ventures. Our coverage guarantee further ensures reliable connectivity, particularly valuable for utilities and other substantial IoT applications, contributing to efficient deployment, operation, and data transmission.

A Selection of Projects
Connected by Netmore LoRaWAN

Netmore LoRaWAN Features

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    Platform and Management

    • Netmore LoRaWAN Portal
    • Easy Onboarding
    • Device Management
    • Bi-directional API
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    Deployment and Connectivity

    • Batch Sensor Deployment Functionality
    • State-of-the-Art Network
    • On-Demand Coverage
    • Coverage Guarantee
    • Coverage Map
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    Data Security and Analysis

    • Encrypted Data Transmission
    • Network Diagnostics and Analysis
    • Data Analytics and Insights
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    Integration and Scalability

    • Custom Integration Support
    • Scalability Support
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    Customer Support and Consultation

    • Expert Consultation
    • Dedicated Account Management
    • User Training and Support
    • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
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    Pricing and Additional Services

    • Predictable Pricing
    • Free Trial
    • Dedicated Marketplace
    • Sensing as a Service

Plans, features & pricing

Netmore TRY From €0 / month Try now Netmore GO From €120 / year Coming Soon Netmore NaaS Price per device and month Explore Netmore PaaS Price per device and month Explore
European Macro Network Acccess
Rental Gateway (if needed)
Purpose-built Project Cverage
Private Network
Device and Gateway Management Functionality
Batch Sensor Deployment
Radio Planning Tool & Network Diagnostics
Easy Device Onboarding
Revenue Management & Reporting
Data Decoding and Visualization
End-to-End Encryption
Geo Redundancy
Data Retention & Storage
Service Level Agreements (SLA)
NOC & 24/7 monitoring
Support & User Training