Diös chooses Netmore for connecting properties with LoRaWAN

June 6, 2023

The Swedish property company Diös has chosen Netmore LoRaWAN for a number of smart digitization applications that will be enabled in the entire property portfolio. Netmore provides Diös with a network that includes 330 properties in Sweden, where Diös will initially focus on energy optimization and measurement based on the use of data from smart sensors.

LoraWAN and sensor technology make real estate smarter

Initially, Diös’s properties are equipped with sensors that measure temperature and humidity. With the help of data from these, existing systems in the properties will be able to work smarter with regard to regulation of heating and ventilation.

Then solutions are implemented that relate to electricity measurement of premises, homes and individual consumers in the property, measurement of district heating systems, gate and door monitoring, monitoring of pump pits and more.

We see that more and more property owners are choosing LoRaWAN as access technology when strategies in both digitization and sustainability are to be realized. Diös is now leading the way when choosing to provide the entire property portfolio with Netmore LoRaWAN, and we look forward to delivering reliable and secure connectivity that lays the foundation for solutions that benefit Diös and its tenants in both the short and long term.

says Eric Collinder, Key Account Manager,
Netmore Group AB

Digitizing our properties in order to manage them in a smarter way and thus reduce our climate impact is important to us. With Netmore’s LoRaWAN network in combination with NodeLedge’s visualization portal, we create a simple infrastructure to connect and manage wireless sensors. Through measurement, we get better conditions for a more proactive way of working and for optimized control. It also opens up the development of new services for our tenants for increased customer value. With the sensor infrastructure in place, the applications are only limited by the imagination.

says Tomas Johansson, Technology & Energy Manager, Diös

With Netmore LoRaWAN, we can now ensure full coverage in all areas where DIÖS properties are located. This is great news for property owners as it enables a seamless and stable connection for wireless sensors. With the help of our IOT portal Sensor-Online, we can integrate all wireless sensors to give the property owner a complete overview of important processes, especially energy optimization. This will help the property owner make informed decisions that will lead to increased efficiency and cost savings in the long term. We are delighted to be able to offer this innovative technology to DIÖS and look forward to seeing the positive results it will generate for their properties

says Fredrik Öhrberg, Sales Manager, Nodeledge AB

Netmore LoRaWAN enables major improvements in real estate

In addition to the applications mentioned above, Netmore LoRaWAN enables a large number of digitization applications that together can create major improvements in both individual apartments/premises, properties and property holdings. Netmore LoRaWAN for properties enables, among other things, solutions within:

  • Metering of water, gas and electricity for individual measurement and billing
  • Control of ventilation and heating
  • Operation and monitoring of property systems
  • Waste management and need-based waste emptying
  • Safety and security

Connect the property portfolio to Netmore LoRaWAN

Together with property owners and application developers, Netmore has developed a flexible, reliable and cost-effective LoRaWAN offering that enables a scalable rollout of sensor networks both in individual properties and large property portfolios around Europe. The property owner receives several advantages with Netmore LoRaWAN:

  • Simple and fast commissioning of large-scale sensor projects.
  • The property owner receives his own network, which is professionally monitored by Netmore in the role of operator.
  • An open and future-proof network that enables a wide range of value- and benefit-creating digitization applications.
  • Access to Netmore Market and a wide range of turnkey digitization solutions intended for real estate.
  • With Netmore LoRaWAN, property owners can reach all measurement points, regardless of where they are located in the property.
  • LoRaWAN allows for battery life of up to 15 years per sensor.

Contact details:

Eric Collinder

Key Account Manager, Netmore Group AB

+4670-0808825 eric.collinder@netmoregroup.com

Tomas Johansson

energy & technology manager, Diös

+46 10 470 95 63 tomas.johansson@dios.se

Fredrik Öhrberg

Sales Manager, Nodeledge AB

+46 733-039 100 fredrik.ohrberg@nodeledge.se

Netmore Group is a leading IoT operator. We connect real estate, offer private and open 5G networks, and enable large-scale IoT through LoRaWAN.

Together with property owners, IoT service providers and other partners, we build secure, reliable and open IoT ecosystems that enable digitization in industries and industries in all geographic markets.

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