DS Energy chooses Netmore as LoRaWAN operator in Denmark

May 25, 2022

DS Energy chooses Netmore as LoRaWAN operator in Denmark

Danish service provider DS Energy, with over 10,000 active connected sensors, chooses Netmore as its LoRaWAN operator in Denmark. With a leading position in the growing Danish industrial segment and over six years of experience within LoRaWAN-based solutions, DS Energy is an established expert in energy management. All existing sensors and meters will be migrated to Netmore’s network during the current quarter.

The deal launches Netmore’s investment in the Danish market

Netmore and DS Energy will begin the cooperation immediately, initally by Netmore taking over the operation of the existing LoRaWAN that DS Energy uses for its solutions and services.

Netmore’s role as a LoRaWAN operator is to manage and ensure reliable communications for both indoor and outdoor coverage for DS Energy and its end customers, and to contribute to growth by enabling DS Energy to benefit from the full Netmore service platform and offering.

DS Energy’s partnership with Netmore will provide them with a stronger focus and improved ability to refine its core business and deliver its optimisation and efficiency solutions to a large number of existing and prospective customers.

DS Energy will also, thanks to Netmore’s network expansion, be able to address a larger geographic market with its solutions.

“Netmore offers a platform that gives us full control and monitoring over the operation of our customer applications. This is crucial to ensure that customers do not experience any problems in the event of a discrepancy. Furthermore, as a LoRaWAN operator that guarantees coverage, Netmore brings a great advantage in our dialogues with existing and prospective customers that have operations spread over multiple geographic locations. Netmore also demonstrates a very high level of understanding of both the market and technology, which results in us seeing immediate simplifications and improvements in our operations using the Netmore platform.”

– Jarl Gorridsen, Partner and Director, DS Energy

DS Energy – An established expert in energy management for industry and real estate

DS Energy is a well-established IoT solution developer tailored for optimizing and streamlining various industry segments. It offers many turnkey solutions that are deployed at multiple Danish industry clients. The solutions, which communicate via LoRaWAN, have for several years helped the Danish industry to strengthen its competitiveness by reducing costs and enhancing sustainability through energy efficiency. In addition, DS Energy’s solutions help companies to comply with the current regulations regarding data collection on energy, water, and heat consumption in their businesses.

“The deal with DS Energy means that our venture into the Danish market is starting with strong momentum, bringing both sensor growth and revenue that contributes to increased monthly recurring revenue. In DS Energy, we also gain a partner with recognised expertise and proven solutions in energy management, an area where we are seeing increased demand in several of the geographic markets where we offer coverage. We look forward to delivering reliable connectivity and helping DS Energy extend the reach of its offering,”

– Andreas Stenhager, CCO, Netmore

The collaboration brings sensor and subscription growth for Netmore LoRaWAN – tens of thousands of meters and sensors connected.

Netmore will immediately add approximately ten thousand new sensors and meters to its IoT network (LoRaWAN) as the deal commences, growing the company’s ongoing subscription revenues.

In 2022, an additional 6,000 sensors are expected to be connected to the grid as DS Energy deploys more customer projects.

Netmore’s LoRaWAN offering

Netmore takes a holistic approach to IoT connectivity, and in its role as operator and network owner, is an enabler of large IoT projects. In light of this, the company is developing a LoRaWAN offering that aims to contribute to sustainability by enabling large-scale IoT projects of societal benefit.

Netmore LoRaWAN in brief:

  • Nationwide LoRaWAN in several countries.
  • Coverage guarantee in places where there is currently no coverage (indoor and outdoor).
  • Possibility to test Netmore LoRaWAN free of charge.
  • Netmore LoRaWAN portal. Control and manage your devices, and get access to full-scale cyber-secure two-way API.
  • Sensing-as-a-Service. Tailor-made financing of sensors and deployment programs of large IoT projects.
  • A simple process to get up and running and connect sensors and other ioT devices to the network.


Contact details:

Andreas Stenhager, CCO, Netmore Group

Tel: +46 700 80 88 25

E-mail: andreas.stenhager@netmoregroup.com


Jarl Gorridsen, Partner og Direktør, DS Energy

Tel: +45 53 61 46 61

E-mail: jg@dsenergy.dk


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