Kumbro Stadsnät chooses Netmore for LoRaWAN project in energy optimization

February 28, 2023

Kumbro Stadsnät choose Netmore for LoRaWAN project in energy optimization

Kumbro Stadsnät (Kumbro) have chosen Netmore LoRaWAN for the rollout of wireless meter infrastructure for energy optimization of properties. Since 2007, the property company has been working with solutions for energy and power optimization and over the years has reduced its energy needs by approx. 50%.


In the spring of 2022, the installation of wireless temperature sensors for approx. 12,000 apartments and premises began, which should be in place in 2023. The property company already has wired sensors installed in some parts of its properties and now wants to continue with wireless sensors for a more cost-efficient deployment. By optimizing the temperatures in the apartments, major economic improvements can be made possible. An adjustment of one degree corresponds to reduced energy costs of up to SEK 25 million per year for the property company.

Kumbro is providing the LoRaWAN network infrastructure and a fiber network that reaches 43,000 Internet ports in Örebro and Kumla as well as a public WiFi network in central Örebro, Wadköping and Kumla city.

“We are pleased that Kumbro chose Netmore LoRaWAN for this project, and we look forward to contributing to major efficiency gains in the property portfolio. At the same time, we see that the collaboration leads the way for other real estate companies, which increases interest in our solutions when real estate players around Sweden and Europe change to more sustainable and efficient resource management.”

says Eric Collinder, Key Account Manager, Netmore

A collaboration between Netmore and Kumbro

The property company uses Kumbro’s infrastructure to develop its energy and power optimization program in order to save energy costs and thereby also environmental impact.

With the help of data collection from the property companys sensors through the LoRaWAN network, the houses are made more energy efficient through algorithms and artificial intelligence. The houses will become self-driving, like self-driving cars. By using computer-controlled patterns that forecast the heat, the property company can reduce heat consumption by 18–20 percent per year.

Energy optimization of properties one of several applications made possible with Netmore LoRaWAN

Taking control of and automating the optimization of the temperature in apartments and premises is a crucial component when real estate companies want to reduce their energy consumption and increase net operating income as a result of reduced costs.

Today, private and municipally owned real estate companies have good opportunities to achieve major improvements in a number of areas in a short time.

With the help of Netmore LoRaWAN, real estate companies and other societal stakeholders can, for example, also optimize ventilation and improve resource efficiency in water, electricity, gas and waste management.

Netmore’s LoRaWAN infrastructure is purpose-built to guarantee coverage both inside buildings and over large outdoor areas. This means that property companies and other players can first test solutions on a small scale, and then roll out the solutions in large stocks in several geographical locations, both in Sweden and the rest of Europe.


About Kumbro

Kumbro is owned by Örebro municipality and Kumla municipality and works with, among other things, city networks, wind power and biogas production. The business idea to work with sustainability issues within green energy and technical supply and to be the common platform for the sustainable development of Örebro municipality and Kumla municipality. www.kumbro.se


Contact details:


Eric Collinder, Key Account Manager, Netmore Group AB

Phone: +46 725 26 0313

Email: eric.collinder@netmoregroup.com

Per Sjöberg, Innovation and development manager / vice president. Kumbro Stadsnät AB.

Phone: 019-673 22 66

Email: per.sjoberg@kumbro.se


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