Netmore builds nationwide LoRaWAN[®] networks for IoT – The project begins in Sweden

November 14, 2020

Netmore builds nationwide LoRaWAN[®] networks for IoT – The project begins in Sweden

Netmore, the leading LoRaWAN operator in Sweden, is building their first nation wide IoT network to meet the need for increased digitalization within several industries. Together with Netmore’s current operator role in 70+ municipalities, the infrastructure rollout will create new conditions for all stakeholders who drive digitalization using IoT.

LoRaWAN is a wireless data transmission technology which is characterized by energy efficiency and long range. It is purpose-built to create networks that provide connectivity for millions of connected sensors and actuators. On top of connectivity, Netmore also provide a platform which has the necessary features to manage and control the connected devices.

“We see a great demand from a number of different industries with a need to streamline and digitalize their operations trough an increased data collection from sensors. Netmore has a unique position to lead this development with a nationwide IoT network, and can thereby help cities, properties, and companies to a secure and reliable connectivity. With our platform, it is easy to connect sensors and integrate customer applications for data visualizing and data analysing”, says Ove Anebygd, CEO of Netmore Group.

As a result of the collaboration with the infrastructure investor Polar Structure, the jointly owned network company Netmore Polar Network enables both a short time-to-market and the required funding. This gives Netmore a unique position as a national LoRaWAN operator in Sweden. Furthermore, Polar Structure has an extensive need for IoT services for their Swedish and international business, which means that they in the long run will provide customers which will utilize the network.

“Netmore is a pioneer within IoT, and has been active since 2016. But the big changes are happening now! We see that the interest for using our network services is gaining speed. Both in public sector where municipalities and publicly owned companies seek to reduce carbon footprint and raise the standard of living, and among application providers who need to make sure that there’s connectivity for their solution”, Fredrik Skoglund, Head of IoT Networks at Netmore Group”.

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