Netmore Group AB (publ) develops and defines its position message to the Dynamic Network Operator

April 22, 2020

Netmore Group AB (publ) develops and defines its position message to the Dynamic Network Operator

Yesterday, Netmore’s annual report was published, see the company’s website (only in Swedish). In the process of developing this, the company’s positioning message was also developed to the Dynamic Network Operator, in order to differentiate itself from existing players in the Internet of Things industry.

The Dynamic Network Operator – The network should adapt to the needs, and not the other way around! Netmore is the next-generation operator that really puts users’ needs for digitalization at the center. And we do it together with our customers. We enable the power of Internet of Things (IoT) by building ecosystems for IoT together with partners. Imagine technical infrastructure, service providers and integration systems – all gathered in one place. Talk about smart!

A real operator – We have everything an operator should have, a complete telecom core and a switch with mobile network capacity based on own number series assigned by the Post- and Telestyrelsen. Around this, Netmore has built a complete business for connecting and sharing information. A solution that works both indoors and outdoors, from local in private networks to globally in 192 countries. Everything is managed through our core network, to support Internet-based data traffic via our own network. All the parts needed to secure a private network solution for customers who need or want their data traffic via secure networks.

A common ecosystem – Together with our customers and partners, we build solutions, and of course we share the revenue that these generates when we operate with a shared network. Technology has done almost everything possible, but competing forces make things unnecessarily complicated. It’s not smart. By moving from egosystems to ecosystems. And from competition to collaboration. Working together and moving from fragmented solutions to solid systems, we believe is a better way to use all the opportunities that technology can provide. We do this by connecting IoT systems / private networks for real estate, industries, cities, and people. Through collaboration, here and now, for the future.

An open marketplace – The more people who can add value and functionality, the better we think. That is why we have created Netmore Market, an open marketplace for IoT solutions. There, users of our shared ecosystem can access local and global solutions for everything within IoT. Think App-store for your business.

A toolbox for those who want to build themselves – Sometimes you want to build your own solution, or there is an existing solution where parts of Netmore’s offer can complement. Then we of course want to share. At present, the toolbox contains our smart solution for mobile connection of things through our SIM card for IoT solutions. Private networks based on LoRaWAN, WiFi or 2G, 4G and in some countries already 5G, as well as an established and complete solution for integration of data and applications through our own integration platform. In addition, through Omnipoint (based on we can offer an established and complete solution for security solutions in real estate. But of course, we are happy to listen to your needs, to see how we can use our resources and skills to support your business. We call it dynamic!

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Netmore Group AB is an IoT operator that develops a comprehensive solution for cities, industries, properties and homes. Together with our partners we build a safe and sustainable ecosystem for Internet of Things, locally, nationally and global. Netmore Group was formed in 2010 and since 2017 listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

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