Netmore Group and Danfoss Partner to Enhance Energy Efficiency in Swedish Properties with LoRaWAN Technology

January 17, 2024

Stockholm, 20240117 — Netmore Group, a Pan-European LoRaWAN Operator, has entered into a partnership with Danfoss business unit Leanheat®, a leader in digital energy optimization solutions. This collaboration is focused on improving energy efficiency in properties across Sweden, with the potential to achieve 20-25% energy savings through the use of Netmore’s LoRaWAN technology.

Targeting energy efficiency with LoRaWAN Solutions

The partnership between Netmore Group and Danfoss aims to enhance the energy management of Swedish properties. Utilizing temperature and humidity sensors together with Danfoss Leanheat’s AI-supported software, the initiative is expected to contribute significantly to reducing energy consumption in the involved properties, with the potential for 20-25% energy savings.

Strategic sensor deployment for energy management

Danfoss Leanheat’s approach includes the option of installing sensors in apartments for detailed energy usage data, although it is not mandatory for the functionality of the system. Danfoss has, together with Netmore, added more than 2 000 sensors to Netmore’s network in a short span of time and more are on the way. This deployment remains a key component in achieving the projected energy savings.

Beyond immediate energy efficiency improvements, this partnership lays the groundwork for Danfoss to explore additional use cases in the future. The reduction in energy consumption for heating and ventilation not only supports environmental sustainability but also provides financial advantages for property owners, contributing to more sustainable and efficient property management.

Maria Gihlström, Sales Manager at Danfoss Digital Services, stated, “Establishing a robust and secure technical network is essential for connected property management. Our partnership with Netmore is crucial in developing a digital infrastructure that supports interconnected systems and sensors, providing a comprehensive solution for digital energy optimization. Our goal is to offer property owners real-time data insights to enhance sustainability and efficiently manage energy consumption.”

Eric Collinder, Country Manager Nordics at Netmore Group AB, commented, “Partnering with Danfoss represents an important step in the connected real estate sector. We are pleased that our LoRaWAN-enabled connectivity, which is focused on operational efficiency, forms a key part of Danfoss’s energy management solutions. This collaboration underlines our commitment to providing technology that supports effective digitization in the real estate industry.”

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