Netmore Group’s English operations are part of a consortium that builds 5G networks for Sherwood’s forest

February 21, 2020

Netmore Group’s English operations are part of a consortium that builds 5G networks for Sherwood’s forest

Netmore’s combined knowledge in network development and experience in designing tailor-made private networks – together with the English partner’s experience in establishing Open Fiber in England – has given Netmore the opportunity to be chosen as a partner in one of the most prestigious 5G projects in England. The project includes the design and construction of a private 5G network to – through VR / AR – meet Robin Hood and his friends in the Sherwood forest.

The project runs over many years and the expansion will also lead to Netmore’s core network developing at the same pace, thus Netmore will be able to offer private 5G networks to other English customers, but also start the expansion of the corresponding 5G networks in Germany.

The fact that Netmore Group established two of its branches in England and Germany is no coincidence. Two countries whom has have quickly – through changed regulations – created spectrum and opportunities to build private 5G networks.

“The Netmore Group is proud of the mission to create the world’s first 5G-connected forest and we take on tasks in the consortium with great focus and dedication. We have high hopes for the future and see it as a matter of course that Sweden will also receive a similar regulation later this autumn which creates this opportunity. With open regulation, new growth is possible for all industries, not least in the real estate sector. The entire Netmore Group business will accelerate with new demands from our prioritized customer segments and we will add energy and resources to meet the great interest we see in all our business areas.” -says Erik Hallberg, CEO of Netmore Group AB.

Erik Hallberg

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