Netmore LoRaWAN expands to Norway through collaboration with Eidsiva

May 15, 2023

Netmore Group, Europe's fastest-growing professional LoRaWAN network provider, announces its expansion into Norway in partnership with Eidsiva, a leading Norwegian LoRaWAN and broadband operator. This collaboration strengthens Netmore's offering to pan-European customers and IoT projects while enabling Eidsiva to become part of Europe's fastest-growing professional LoRaWAN network.

The collaboration strengthens Netmore’s offer to pan-European customers and IoT projects

As part of this collaboration, Netmore will provide its state-of-the-art LoRaWAN server technology, while Eidsiva will be responsible for infrastructure planning and rollout. This partnership allows Netmore, a pan-European LoRaWAN operator, to enhance its offering to its numerous customers and partners. European customers and those with pan-European IoT projects can now establish their IoT solutions and applications in Norway through commercial agreements with Netmore, while Norwegian customers will maintain direct relations with Eidsiva.

Netmore Group’s expansion into Norway marks another milestone in the company’s growth, as it continues to provide exceptional services for utility applications, energy monitoring, and tracking applications across Europe.

Eidsiva becomes a part of Europe’s fastest-growing professional LoRaWAN

Eidsiva is a highly reputable provider of communication services to both society and businesses in Norway. Through the collaboration, Netmore will share best practices for large-scale IoT and introduce its ecosystem of partners seeking a stable partner for LoRaWAN connectivity in the Norwegian market. By transitioning to Netmore’s LoRaWAN server, Eidsiva gains access to cutting-edge server technology and becomes an integral part of the pan-European Netmore LoRaWAN project. This collaboration positions Eidsiva as a key player in the rapidly expanding professional LoRaWAN market in Europe.

”Martin Arvidson, Business Development at Netmore Group, shares his thoughts on the partnership: “We are delighted to collaborate with Eidsiva and proud that they have chosen our LoRaWAN server technology as a central part of their LoRaWAN infrastructure.  We are confident that this collaboration will benefit both the Norwegian IoT ecosystem and the pan-European LoRaWAN players who, through Netmore, will be able to address an even larger market.”

says Ove Anebygd, CEO, Netmore Group

“Eidsiva sees our partnership with Netmore as a key in our ambition to grow our IoT activities, by utilising LoRaWAN technology. This will enable our customers to accelerate digitalisation and enhance sustainability initiatives. Further, Netmore’s technology provides flexible business models enabling us to offer IoT services to municipalities, operators, system integrators and directly to industries such as the energy sector. We highly appreciate the trust and support given to Eidsiva Bredbånd through the partnership with Netmore”,

says head of growth, innovation and strategy in Eidsiva Bredbånd Tore Baarstad. 

Netmore – a pan-European LoRaWAN operator

Netmore and European Connectivity Networks have initiated an extensive expansion of LoRaWAN in Europe in 2022. It now offers LoRaWAN in the UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway. In addition, there are roaming agreements that also provide coverage in Finland and Switzerland. All in all, this means that Netmore’s network expansion provides a market presence in ten countries with a total population of approximately 200 million inhabitants.

The network expansion, which is combined with Netmore’s European ‘coverage guarantee’ and ‘coverage on demand’ enables the commissioning of nationwide IoT projects within each country. Furthermore, Netmore, ECN and Polar Structure also open doors for large-scale socially useful IoT that spans several countries in Europe.

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Eidsiva is Norway’s largest regional energy and infrastructure group, with operations in Innlandet, Oslo and Viken. The company is owned by Hafslund Eco AS, Innlandet Energi Holding AS and Åmot municipality. Eidsiva supplies critical infrastructure such as electricity, telecommunications and district heating, and has a total of 1,165 employees in the fields of power distribution (Elvia), broadband and bioenergy.

Netmore Group is an IoT network operator, building the leading Pan-European network. We offer a reliable solution and leading connectivity expertise for efficient measuring, monitoring and optimisation of resource use. With 10 years in the industry we have a solid track record, operating borderless on the European market. Netmore group’s main owner is the Nordic infrastructure investor Polar Structure.

Netmore Group was founded in 2010 in Sweden and since 2017 has been listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Redeye AB is the company’s certified adviser