Netmore proposes license exemptions for 5G for property owners

May 15, 2020

Netmore proposes license exemptions for 5G for property owners

Netmore has submitted a response to a consultation by the Swedish radio & telecomunications regulator Post- & Telestyrelsen regarding exemptions from the radio license requirement for certain radio transmitters where popular technologies such as WiFi, LoRaWAN and others are already possible without expensive or complicated licenses. Netmore has proposed that 5G technologies in the band 3.7-3.8GHz, for example, should be excluded from an obligation to obtain a permit under certain conditions. This would allow farmers, homeowners, industries, hospitals, and many others to ensure good energy-efficient coverage where needed based on standard 5G technology – the most advanced and efficient radio technology available commercially.

“The 5th generation of mobile technology, like the previous generations, will play an important role in the major national networks, but we see that as more and more devices and systems are connected wirelessly, local networks are also needed and Netmore has already been selected to participate in local 5G networks in UK. In the UK, like Germany, they have introduced the opportunity to build local 5G networks for industries and others. It is not reasonable for a national operator, for example, to know everything about a local network in a house or an industry specially built for the specific site. We hope that Sweden will also be able to take further steps in making it easier to use the technology where it is needed most.” says Erik Hallberg, CEO of Netmore Group AB

“We are convinced that many more would benefit from the 5G technology if it can also be used in local networks under the responsibility of the property owner. In this case, no advanced licensing procedures would be required. WiFi has been a success and Netmore is regularly building such networks. But mobile techniques like 5G have many advantages in terms of robustness and coverage, especially if someone has a responsibility for how it is applied locally to avoid local interference. We suggest that utilization of a part of the frequency bands for 5G should accompany the property. It becomes a bit like hunting and fishing, a right within certain limits to freely use or allow the use of the frequency band. This would enable the property owners to ensure coverage and capacity where they or their customers, tenants and visitors need it. Netmore is convinced that this trend towards heterogeneous networks with multiple network owners is absolutely necessary in some form to be able to meet the ever-increasing dependence on wireless connectivity in a cost and energy efficient way. The great thing about our proposal is that it works equally well indoors and outdoors, in town and countryside and for private as well as public properties. This proposal is also well in line with the lessons learned from the projects we participate in since a few years together with a number of interest organizations regarding interior coverage in apartment buildings and how the coverage can be improved for those who operate in sparsely populated areas co-financed by Vinnova.” Says Johan Jobér, Chief Technology Officer at Netmore Group AB

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