Newsec chooses Netmore for property connectivity. Netmore Proptech Node becomes part of Newsec’s digitisation offering – reaching 9,000 properties

May 18, 2022

Newsec chooses Netmore for property connectivity. Netmore Proptech Node becomes part of Newsec’s digitisation offering – reaching 9,000 properties

Netmore and Newsec have entered a strategic partnership and signed a five-year framework agreement for Netmore’s real estate digitisation offering. Netmore will receive 6 MSEK per year for 3 years for the continued development of Netmore Proptech Node, and in addition a monthly revenue per installed node.

The nodes, which are sold “as-a-Service” and include a secure network operation service, form the basis for Newsec to offer a cyber-secure technical network for the connection of, among other things, property systems. The nodes, which are also equipped with LoRaWAN, enable both the connection of sensors, meters, and transducers, as well as the delivery of broadband services to tenants. Work will begin immediately.

A strategic partnership, combined with the roll-out of Netmore Proptech Node as-a-Service

Netmore and Newsec are entering into a strategic partnership based on two elements. Netmore will receive SEK 6 million per year for 3 years for the continued development of Netmore Proptech Node, and the nodes will be used in a long-term digitisation initiative reaching 9,000 properties.

Newsec will thus be able to provide properties with both Netmore Proptech Node and Netmore LoRaWAN. The common long-term goal is that Newsec’s 9,000 managed properties will need to be connected in the future to work on energy efficiency and generate insights. The number of connected applications and devices continues to increase, and this needs to be done on secure networks to handle the data from the connected buildings.

Netmore’s solutions will play an important part as Newsec lays the foundations for the digital transformation it offers property owners under the Newsec Digital Accelerator.

“A secure technical network is the foundation of a connected property. Newsec’s deepened collaboration with Netmore around digital infrastructure for connected systems and sensors is an important piece of the puzzle in packaging the market’s best total solution for digital real estate. We want to enable a seamless digitisation journey where the property owner gets access to useful insights to increase sustainability, from energy consumption and performance to how different spaces are used”,
says Christoffer Börjesson, Head of Newsec Digital Accelerator, Newsec.

“The close collaboration between Netmore and Newsec Digital Accelerator is now leading the way for connected real estate. We are delighted that our technology, which enables net operational improvements and broadband services, has been selected and forms the basis of Newsec’s digital real estate offering. We are looking forward to starting the cooperation, which is further proof that we have taken a leading position with our technology for value-creating real estate digitisation”,
says Ove Anebygd, CEO, Netmore Group.

Netmore’s role as Newsec accelerates the digital transformation of real estate portfolios

Netmore Proptech Node will form the foundation of Newsec’s offering within the Newsec Digital Accelerator.

The node is part of a comprehensive solution that aims to help property owners improve their sustainability work, make efficiency gains and increase the value of their property portfolios. Newsec’s offer to property owners includes the possibility of establishing a secure technical network and setting up infrastructure for technical measurement of energy systems and building automation.

Netmore Proptech Node & Netmore LoRaWAN – Enabling cyber-secure connectivity, data collection, and broadband for properties and tenants

Netmore’s flagship product Netmore Proptech Node is installed in every property. The node, together with Netmore LoRaWAN, enables property owners and managers to benefit from the advantages of digitalisation. Property owners gain full visibility and control of their portfolio’s digital environment, combined with a future-proof digital infrastructure that leads to improved operating margins and new digital revenue streams.


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Christoffer Börjesson, Head of Newsec Digital Accelerator, Newsec


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