Welcome 2020 – The year of opportunities

January 30, 2020

Welcome 2020 – The year of opportunities

To begin with, I wish a good continuation of 2020 and welcome you into the year of oppertunities. Netmore is facing major interest from market and we are now ready to approach all opportunities in a structured and successful way.

For starters, I would like to take the opportunity to promote our event, the Smart Society. To explain what Smart Society is and why we are hosting this event, I´ll pull you back to our Marketplace, Netmore Market. That is the hub of the ecosystem that Netmore works for. Netmore builds IoT network and enables all the 100’s of services and applications available in the market. To simplify and make the process a little shorter, we enter collaboration with companies that provide services, sensors or applications within IoT. They are available at Netmore Market. It does not stop here, to take this a little further we make the marketplace analog, in the form of an event. Hence the Smart Society. The event is for you, your customers, partners and other stakeholders. IoT is not really that difficult and can give endless opportunities, at the event we want to show you how. The audience is of varied technical understanding, so this year we have chosen a moderator who has a high technical interest but without deep technical understanding, Kalle Rosensköld will ask the questions we many wonder and will in an inspiring way guide us through the days. Other exciting speakers are: Mikael Ahlström from Hyper Island, SUP46 and The Park, Carl Gleisner from Wesslau Söderqvist Law Firm, Mårten Persson from Bintel, Oscar Bexell from ATEA and from Digital Södertälje comes Tommy Källman, Tony McCarrick and Thomas Thernström. In collaboration with Indesmatech we will also organize a 3 hour Hackathon. It will be time for a lot of mingle and a networking banquet dinner. I hope we see you there! The bookings have accelerated so be sure to secure your ticket  BOOK HERE

I would now like to return to our business areas to give a quick overview of what has happened and what is going on:

  • Connected Property – The work with Akelius is according to the plan with joint efforts to connect Akelius’s property portfolio, with the aim of reducing their energy consumption. Akelius saw the opportunities with our platform that provides a common interface for managing real estate as well as the opportunity for new revenues from digital services. Today we have connected properties in several European countries and the agreement can result in a total of 2500 connected properties in 7 countries globally. This collaboration has made many real estate companies in Sweden and abroad curious about what we do, and it is with pleasure and excitement that we take on new digitization assignments in the real estate industry. It is obvious that the real estate market has matured and the needs for future digitization are beginning to accelerate. Netmore is a long-term and strategic digitization partner that has gained great confidence from several leading real estate players, and we are proud of this. In 2020, we have many exciting challenges ahead of us, and many of them we intend to solve together with customers and partners. Right now, we are looking for partners who have really ambitious goals for energy efficient buildings, are you one of them? Contact Us for more info
  • Connected City – The interest of establishing IoT networks is still growing and we have positioned us as Sweden’s leading supplier. We expect to double the number of municipalities in 2020, which is no exaggeration given the interest we already have. Newcomer to connected city is Uddevalla Energy, after testing with other suppliers they have chosen to build networks together with Netmore.
  • Connected Industry – There is interest from several sites, both in Sweden and abroad, for this solution. We are expanding WiFi network at several existing sites, including Norrvatten in Sweden, where we improve and supplement WiFi coverage and mobile networks at the Götvalsverket. the expansion takes place both in office buildings, laboratories and in the water treatment plant.
  • Connected Homes & Business – In this area, as previously mentioned, our subsidiary Omnipoint develops and deliver the solutions. In January, Omnipoint signed a new vertical agreement where Omnipoint’s video product will be used.

Work on processing urban networks continues and we are currently having several exciting discussions going on.

During the first quarter of 2020, we will continue our efforts to expand our sales channels to increase customer intake during the year. Furthermore, development work is currently ongoing where we will launch new products for the smart home during the second quarter.

  • M2M & Subscriptions – Our M2M products continue to attract and we see great interest in the European market. Since its inception in October 2019, we have now established customer relationships in 9 European countries. In parallel with our growth efforts, we work intensively with product and service development in order to achieve even greater market attractiveness going forward.
  • Etablering Europa – several countries in Europe have already begun to create space for the establishment of private networks within 3G, 4G and now 5G. This gives us great opportunities to create a landmark with our knowledge. The first countries now possible for 5G will be the UK and Germany.
  • Establishment Europe – several countries in Europe have already begun to create space for the establishment of private networks within 3G, 4G and now 5G. This gives us great opportunities to create a landmark with our knowledge. The first countries now possible for 5G will be the UK and Germany. Netmore is using the joint venture model with local technology entrepreneurs to address the growing customer demand on private networks space.

The ambition of this newsletter is to briefly inform you about what is going on, with both minor and major events. Hope you want to follow! Greetings Erik Hallberg

För mer information, vänligen kontakta:

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