Open Access 5G Networks

Benefit from superior 5G infrastructure in your property.

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A new era needs a new type of operator

5G Open Access Network becomes relevant and useful when there is a need to provide reliable indoor mobile coverage, superior connectivity with mobility across a property. Netmore 5G Open Access Network is tailored to bring latest 5G technology to buildings and campuses and is open for all mobile operators and service providers to offer their services.

Benefit from the Netmore 5G Open Access Network.

Increase your property attractiveness trough superior 5G connectivity

Increase your property attractiveness trough superior 5G connectivity

5G Open Access Network helps to increase the building attractiveness and allows property owners to benefit financially from digital infrastructure.
Connect building systems with highest 5G security and reliability

Connect building systems with highest 5G security and reliability

Elevators, CCTV cameras, access systems can now be connected to 5G network with highest industry security and reliability without worrying about the high data costs.
Allow mobile operators and service providers to offer innovative services

Allow mobile operators and service providers to offer innovative services

Mobile operators and emerging service providers in 5G ecosystem can offer innovative services for the tenants in the building without the need to invest to separate network.


5G key product:Netmore 5G Open Access Network

Using latest carrier grade technology, Netmore is enabling cost effective, fast to deploy and secure 5G network in the property. Allowing mobile operators and 5G service providers to bring latest innovations like AR/VR applications, service automations and massive number of sensors to the building.

Netmore 5G Open Access Network unlocks innovation potential and brings any building to new levels.


Netmore 5G offer explained

Digitalisation of businesses

Digitalisation of businesses

With techniques as VR, AR and mixed reality we will receive an extra dimension within events and experiences. Increased of IoT, AR/VR and indoor geo-positioning leads to increased need for very low latency, that 5G offers.
5G requires indoor networks

5G requires indoor networks

A higher frequency that comes with 5G can cover a shorter distance and have difficulties to travel through building walls. Therefore 5G creates a need for more cells, as well as indoor networks.
5G calls for economical thinking

5G calls for economical thinking

Investment per building is too high to build parallel 5G indoor networks with uncertain revenue potential and timing. Netmore solution is offering one secure infrastructure a number of service providers.
Secure 5G Networks

Secure 5G Networks

Overall 5G standard is evolving and so is the security architecture. Without doubt already current 5G security standard is highest ever presented to the world.
Unique Market & Ecosystem Access

Unique Market & Ecosystem Access

Netmore is working with vastly developing 5G ecosystem to open new business models and innovations benefiting from the modern infrastructure.
Transparent Open Access model

Transparent Open Access model

Netmore has developed transparent pricing and service conditions to facilitate interest of all parties interested to offer services in 5G network.

Purpose-built for IoT

Integrating relevant wireless technologies
under the same roof

5G by Netmore

5G allows to offer services that require high bandwidth and low latency, such as AR/VR applications and robotics. With emerging 5G standard precise indoor positioning will be added in few years horizon opening up opportunities for cost effective indoor asset tracking and better footfall analysis.

LoRaWAN by Netmore

LoRaWAN technology has proven to become most relevant Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology. With robust and evolving standard and growing ecosystem, LoRaWAN provides number of opportunities for fast and cost effective digitalisation. Read more about Netmore LoRaWAN solution here

Wi-Fi by Netmore

WiFi has proven to be the most used wireless technology in the buildings. Netmore carrier grade WiFi solution allows to offer robust connectivity in all areas of the building and is fully upgradable to support new WiFi 6 standard.

Why choose Netmore’s solutions for Open Access 5G Networks?

Netmore has a unique combination of skills. When it comes to knowledge and experience, we have the resources of a telecom operator. All our purpose-built networks and solutions are designed with a deep understanding of the complexity that large-scale connectivity requires.

We combine the above with the competence of a system integrator, and the attitude and mindset of a scaleup. On basis of this, we enter partnerships where we have a real opportunity to empower our partners and help them drive the IoT development in the right direction.

Mobile Open Access
Network use cases


AstaZero selected Netmores offer with private mobile 4G/LTE solution with Ericsson carrier grade radio network as the best technology to meet its needs. The solution was deployed in close partnership with Netmore, Druid and Ericsson.

Käppala Association

The association has installed a Fiber DAS-system, which has boosted the connectivity for their underground waste water operation, for both mobile- and Wi-Fi signal.

5G for Confirm Smart Manufacturing

Netmore’s technology will be used to explore the conditions for wireless factories and high density wireless sensors. The 5G network and connected sensors will generate greater control, tracking and monitoring.

5G for Sherwood Forest

Visitors to the UK’s Sherwood Forest Country Park will be able to get a 3D experience of the forest at the world-renowned tourist destination.