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We are building nationwide LoRaWAN in the United Kingdom

We build nation-wide LoRaWAN connectivity in the United Kingdom and provide coverage on demand for your IoT project. Our IoT network infrastructure is purpose-built to onboard millions of devicesAccess to the connectivity can be integrated as an integral part of our partners applications, meaning we both enable scalability and increase the reach. On top of connectivity, we also provide an easy-to-use platform with advanced features to manage and control the devices and the network.

Faster go-to-market for your application with our rollout program

Faster go-to-market for your application with our rollout program

We enable quick and easy go-to-market for IoT solutions based on devices that rely on LoRaWAN connectivity. This is made possible trough both full API and a portal with plug-and-play connection of devices with mass onboarding functionality combined with pay-on-activation subscription model.
Get increased availability, visibility and coverage on-demand for your application

Get increased availability, visibility and coverage on-demand for your application

Our LoRaWAN portal provides full network visibility, real-time device dashbboard/map and both measures and simulated coverage. As an operator, we provide on-demand coverage in places that may not be covered at the time.
Predictive and affordable price model which enables higher long term profitability

Predictive and affordable price model which enables higher long term profitability

We offer an all-inclusive price model to enable 100% predictable cost of connectivity. Transparent volume discount automatically implemented as the number of connected devices grows. Free trial available on request.

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Features & benefits

How we provide the best conditions for IoT applications in the UK

The Netmore LoRaWAN portal

The Netmore LoRaWAN portal

Get a full detailed overview of connected devices in the network, on both aggregated- and device level, all visualized on a map and dashboard view. Both actual measured and simulated coverage can be visualized in map view. The API has full data access, and all data is protected by full end-to-end security of payload data. Read more.
Coverage on demand

Coverage on demand

Network coverage and signal quality is key to scalability in many IoT cases. As a dedicated IoT operator, we deliver LoRaWAN coverage on demand with a 7-day guarantee.
All-inclusive price model

All-inclusive price model

All our features and tools are included in our transparent price model. This ensures that our customers get both full cost predictability and a LoRaWAN experience that is hard to beat. A volume discount is automatically implemented as your number of active connected devices grows. See pricing.
State of the art network

State of the art network

Carefully selected and tested gateways creates the foundation for our carrier grade LoRaWAN. Our network is monitored 24/7 and supported by experts. Our purpose-built network is prepared to onboard millions of devices.
Netmore revenue sharing

Netmore revenue sharing

With built in and fully customizable revenue sharing functionality, our partners can shape IoT eco-systems with customers, sensor providers or other actors. The revenue distribution can make everybody benefit from a growing IoT project.
The Netmore Market

The Netmore Market

We offer a marketplace where a large number of different players within LoRaWAN get a dedicated place and have the opportunity to market and sell their products and services. We validate and choose to ensure high-quality solutions and hardware compatibility. Access Netmore Market here.

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Useful LoRaWAN applications for cities & municipalities

Water quality monitoring

Monitor water quality balance in both rivers and lakes. Show water quality data to residents with a smart phone application.

Smart metering and water flow monitoring

Maintain landscapes or avoid dry soils with smart metering. Moisture measurement for proactive irrigation control facilitates the growing of agricultural projects without human operators.

Waste management

Monitoring the volume of waste in containers or waste baskets, generates route optimization and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Smart parking

Control vehicles with connected smart sensors or lights. Monitor real-time space availability for a smooth traffic flow or connect traffic lights for regulation to avoid congestion.

Useful LoRaWAN applications for properties

Intruder detection

An intrusion detection system can detect all sorts of movement including fire and water leakages. Connect sensors or video surveillance cameras to the system, and be alerted when abnormal changes or incidents occur through a smart phone application.

Real-time light optimization

Smart lighting systems in properties are cost-efficient for property owners and their tenants. It goes beyond basic light ON – light OFF features.

Secure buildings

Increase building security with smart locks and control the access to certain areas of the building. Using a smart phone application, tenants can unlock accessible building doors as well as their own apartment door.

Improve indoor air quality

Connected thermostats that measures the parameters vital for high air quality, enables property management to monitor and regulate the temperatures for separate buildings or apartments.


Useful LoRaWAN applications for industries

Terminal monitoring

Connect smart sensors to vehicles, trucks or cranes for shipment terminals. Avoid collision and damage to people or goods on site.

Incorporate secure surveillance

Connected drones for a more energy-efficient surveillance. Industries that work with security, agricultural projects and deliveries can vastly benefit with multiple advantages.

Optimizing gas management

Monitor gas consumption remotely or automatic with smart sensors. Reducing operating costs for distributors, management and the contingency reserve.

Remote asset management

Track assets and monitor facility conditions more proactively with connected smart sensors. Monitor or regulate; temperatures, water leakages, waste volumes, lighting, movement and vibration.

Useful LoRaWAN applications for infrastructure

Air quality monitoring

Monitor the air quality for cities and facilities with connected low-cost sensors. The solution enables you to real-time monitor the parameters of temperature, dust, humidity and the abbreviated CO2 in the air.

Natural disaster prediction

Minimize the adversity caused from natural disasters with smart technology. Connected sensors can predict natural disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, tsunamis or volcanic eruptions.

Smart healthcare monitoring

High-risk patients can be monitored real-time with vital sign sensors. The technology improve the diagnosis, rehabilitation and treatment of patients in the healthcare system.

Monitor radiation levels

Distributed measurement of radiation levels in nuclear power stations. Sensors can sense the paramount parameters and surroundings to generate leakage alerts.

Reference cases

Södertälje Municipality

Södertälje use the radio technology to facilitate the communication between smart sensors in connected devices, which enables the municipality to map waste and material flows.

VA Syd

Netmore will provide connectivity for 65 000 water meters on behalf of Dahl Sweden. The smart meters will be installed over the next few years across a number of Swedish municipalities.

KKB Fastigheter

KKB is tracking the vital parameters for indoor temperatures in their properties. Utilizing todays technology with cost-efficient smart sensors requires less manual surveillance for their estates.

Rambo AB

Rambo has facilitated the workflow for one of their recycle stations with connected sensors. The solution enables them to real-time monitor space availability and regulate vehicles to avoid congestion.